Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

It all started Friday. I was brushing my hair, and it was just so limp, no body, just there. I couldn't find my hair shears, so I grabbed my fine scrapbooking scissors and choped my bangs off. I intentionally went for that crooked to the side look. It looks fine. I had bangs before, but I hate when they get in my eyes. So I let them grow out. I must have cut about 6 inches of bangs.

Here comes Sunday. My hair again limp, just there. Now pay attention, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME!! See my hair is kinda wavy and so I can get away with alot of stuff to it. So I had layers in my hair, but it was all kinda even now. So I parted my hair, grabbed at the crown at it and started cutting. I didn't cut too much. But I did it. So I went to the sides of my hair and did the slanted cut, to get some layering in the front.

I mean, if I did an awful job, you really can't tell, cause you can't see big old chomps of hair missing. The only thing is I can't cut the length in the back. So it kinda looks like a really long mullet. The front looks great, I mean at least I think so. But the back needs a trim.... How can I trim the back without it being all crooked??

Why did I do this. Well, lack of time and lack of money. I don't go get my hair cut very often and when I do, it's expensive. So this is the next best thing. It will grow out, and maybe by then, I can go get it professionally done, you know like at Supercuts. ;)


Marcia said...

LMAO~ I am so there with you, just not bold enough to cut it yet~

Stacie said...

brave brave woman!