Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Why are all the self portraits I try to take so UN-Flattering??

I was trying to show that my hair ain't as fucked up as you think. So after about 50 shots of double chin, shiny cheeks, big nostril pics. I decided, I'm gonna stick my tongue out and make bunny ears.

Hopefully you can still see the hair.. See the profile pic over there <- - - - yeah, over on your left hand side, that was basically the same hair I had last week.. Now me... The bangs kinda irk me, but it's different.

Wait for it.... wait for it....
here's my "Hey babay" look.

hey, at least I'm not wearing black ;)


Stacie said...

you are a hottie...looks great, want to come here and cut my hair? :D

KelsyC said...

Love the cut and color on you! Bangs can take some getting used to if you never have had them before. Mine are ALWAYS in the way so keep a stash of bobby pincs handy! LOL!