Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobblidity

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! May it be filled with love and family and feast.

Take note from Stacie, every holiday has the opportunity to make wonderful family memories. I suggest you do not leave gramma in the bathroom though ;)

Whatever squabbles or worries we may have, let's put those in the corner somewhere and enjoy this wonderful time with our families. We will have tomorrow (or well the day after Thanksgiving) to worry about those. I'm sure they'll still be there.

I will be busy tomorrow and probably be in food induced coma on Friday, so I don't plan on doing much. Maybe some scrapbooking and maybe a movie on Friday. I want to take M to see Bolt. While all those other crazies (no offense!) are fighting crowds, we'll be leisurely kicking back with popcorn enjoying a movie :D

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Stacie said...

can I leave the kids in the bathroom instead? ;)