Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tube time

Ohmygosh! I can't beleive I forgot to mention tv.

DWTS: Eh. Over it. I actually never really watched it this season. Cause, Gossip Girl is on Mondays. And my husband's Monday Night Football. This week no GG, so I watched the finale!

Okay really. Was there even a competition? I mean Brooke Blew them away.

Biggest Loser: I CANNOT believe Amy did not vote out Vicky. WTF?!!! She was all I have to think of myself. Well didn't she know she was soo on Vicky's short list. I was so upset, last week and this week. I thought Amy could have gone all the way, and I liked her. That blue team. Grrrr. Just piss me off. And Vicky.. I mean way to go on tricking everyone else. But that's not the point, you know. Ugh.

I like Heba. I think she is gorgeous, but they've done some shady stuff. So I'm still rooting for Michelle.

I think that's it.

GH is eh. I keep fast forwarding anything Sonny, Kate, Claudia, Olivia, Carly or Jax. I love to watch Jason in anything. Oh and Spinelli and Maxie are so cute.

Steve Burton aka Come here bab... er Jason Morgan on GH.

My other TV hottie. Bob Harper. Need I say more?

My other scruffy dirty man with accent hottie. Bear Gryllis. Serious hotness.
I mean he does some pretty gross stuff on his show Man vs. Wild. Like seriously, it will make your stomach turn, hell it makes my husbands stomach turn. But I can't stop watching him.

Where was I? Or right, this just turned into one big rambling post.

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Stacie said...

amy really messed up not voting out Vicky~!