Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loser club

So I finally saw the Biggest Loser yesterday. I love this show, because it's inspiring. I mean, it hasn't gotten me to get off my ass and lose some serious weight, but it's inspiring to see people do it. The struggles, the tears, Bob, the happiness, Bob.

Last night I was sooo turned off. I have NEVER in all the years watching this show, saw someone be so mean and evil spirited as Vicky. My heart broke for Phillip and his wife. They seem like geniune nice people. Everyone has always been so supportive in their same struggle. Then next week's preview. Oh my. I really do hope Vicky is turned on, because it's not nice being mean.

Even all my love for Bob, upsets me because, though they are on his team, he's cheering them on, and knows what a bitch she is.

I am really cheering for Michelle and Renee.

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Lori said...

ITA...I can't stand Vicki!!!