Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are cows pets?

I was talking to some of my "lucky" friends about being vegeterian, and reasons to do so.

Now this post isn't about being a vegetarian, but moreso it brought up a conversation from a LONG time ago with lil V.

Lil V must have been about 9 or 10 years old. We were eating at a Mexican restaurant. My husbad got some fried fish meal, Lil V a hamburger.

Now the Mexican fried fish is different from like fish N chips, you know. It's the whole fish, like the whole thing. So my husband starts eating and little V says, DAD!!! How can you eat that fish like that??!!

My husband says, because it's good.

Lil V says, but it was alive and now you are eating it.

And I kindly remind him, that hamburger you are eating was once a cow. It was alive and now you are eating it.

Lil V says, but I'm not eating a pet.

We start cracking up... (Maybe you'll get it better if you can imagine we had a 100 gallon fish tank, with BIG fish, cat fish, turtles)

Aww, now I miss our turtles!! We had this one! It was lovely.. But we had to get rid of our huge fish tank when M was little, because we didn't have a cover for the top, and it was special made tank, and I was afraid M would try to reach in and fall in. It was deep.


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

thats too funny!
now we had a pig... good thing Kait never asked what kind of animal pork is! lol

Jovi said...

i'd miss the tank, too! and i like his's pretty much the same as mine (tho zion is eager for us to get chickens and says when they die we will eat them, so maybe his is different....)