Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hot Dayum!

I got a new favorite accent Hot Guy!

AND he made People's Sexiest Man!!
But it wasn't till I saw him in Australia, that I really swooned. Omigosh!! Hugh Jackman is soo hot. I've really only seen him as wolverine, and never thought much about him, but dang, in Australia he is totally lickable (not that's not a typo). Now if only Nicole Kidman were a better actress, the movie could have been really good. I could really not focus on anything more than her lack of expression. The movie had a chance to be a GRAND movie. That little boy. ADORABLE.

What is it with me and totally hot guys, especially with an accent. And if they are dirty and gritty. MMM.. I just don't wanna smell them, cause then I'll get grossed out.


Marcia said...

I have loved Hugh Jackman for 8 years, where ya been???

Jovi said...

um, yeah, accents rock. my. world. mmmmm.