Monday, January 12, 2009


I'll preface this post by saying I truly love my husband...

But I had the craziest dream.

First I dreamt I was baptizing someone's baby. Can't remember whose baby it was, but I was in a hurry to get dressed. I had this baby doll pink lacey dress, like the kind little girls wear. I went into a public restroom to change, but it was a shower, and I closed the curtain, and I was trying not to get wet. Well I peek out the shower curtain, and there are beds lined up barrack style in the big room.. Then there were men shackled to the beds. Like in a jail. So my pink dress goes away, and I go to lay down on my cot. It was all gray and dark. Well apparently the jail you are able to do whatever you want. There were some men in there and they were friendly enough for me. We talk at night like friends. Whatever. Then there is this secret wedding in the chapel, all the inmates go, women, men, we all go.. Well it gets loud as the singing get's louder, the council members in the chapel next door, head on over to investigate, so of course we disperse. I grab on to some guys arm, and we walk away arm in arm. His biceps are large, and I look up and it's a young Jasper Jax!!! (Ingo Rademacher from GH)..

So we are walking, then I feel awkward, and say I can't do this. Then I see Victor walking towards us. It was Victor, but I turn away to avoid him.

Then as I walk to my barrack, I'm alone with some guy, and he starts showing me his penis, then unlocks his cuffs and starts after me. I yell at him to stop and he won't, so I run, run as fast as I can. Of course, there is no one around, and all of a sudden the guy has a knife and is making motions across his neck. You know like he is gonna slit mine. So I start banging on some bungalow windows (bungalows in a jail?? hmmm.) and people start coming out and the guy following me disappears.

So I guess it's my turn to leave jail, and I realize, I really love Jax. And I want to go find him, but he's gone. So my friend (Debi) comes for me and tells me Jason (it went from Victor to Jason) is not there, but she brought Sonny with her. I told her I loved Jason, but couldn't be with him anymore. And I realized how much I loved Jax and I had to go after him. Sonny goes ballistic and I start running from him, hiding in aisles of a supermarket! Then he finds me crouching and grabs me and tells me he is taking my to Jason. (Jason is one of my hotties (below a couple of posts)) I finally stand up to him and tell him no.

So I go off to city hall, where they find this guy that was going to kill me. There is a huge crowd, they shoot the guy, but he sees me and starts to get up and come after me. The crowd brings him to the floor, and out of the corner of my eye I see Jax. I run and hug him, and he tells me he loves softly in my ear. I melt. Then I see Jason and Sonny. Sonny trip Jax and is saying a whole bunch of nasty things to him. Jason then tells Sonny to leave him alone, you know in his "Jason" style. It's my choice, and he respects that. So I look at him as I turn around, and my heart starts pounding.

Who do I choose..


Lori said...

1) You watch too much GH. ;)
2) How do I get Jason in MY dreams???


Andrea said...

LOL Lori, I knew, if anyone would read this, it would be you! and you would know, exactly who I was talking about. And lemme tell you dreaming of Jason is yummy...but Jax??

Stacie said... love dreams, they are soo crazy!

Lori said...

Yah, I'm not a fan of Jax. Maybe Patrick though...but he's married! lol