Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, etc., etc..

Yeah, I missed them all. Well on blogosphere world at least. :D

I took a vacay from work, and just lazied it at home. Doing really nothing. Slept alot.
For all my grand plans of stuff to do on my vacation, I did nothing. I was supposed to visit my Lucky Charm friend Maryse, didn't happen. Supposed to get together with the Krazy K's. Didn't happen either. Supposed to scrap, really didn't happen.

Does this make you smile though?

Lemme tell you, it was torture for poor Tula.

This is about how much decorating we did. Not much.

and this is for fun.. Notice anything??

Hello, farewell, see you later.

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Stacie said...

happy all those days to you as well.