Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photo Tagged!

So I was 'photo tagged' by Shanna a while back. My bad, just getting around to doing this.

Here are the Rules: You've been photo tagged! Go to My Pictures, and pick the 4th folder, the 4th picture in that folder and blog it!

This has me seriously LMAO!!! See I occassionally have issues with my computer. So every couple of months I back em up and put them on DVD's. In October I had to reformat my computer. So, My Picture albums start from October till current.. October, November, December, and my fourth January! LMAO! I guess I hadn't taken pictures this month until the retreat, and well Shanna is the 4th picture... Ha-ha..

Let me blog about Shanna:

I love her accent!! I was not expecting it, but it was a nice suprise. She is also very funny, or at least I saw her laugh alot that weekend (mostly at my expense, but I regress). It felt like we had known each other forever! It was so comfortable. I hope our friendship lasts forever and forever! Lova ya Shanna!!!

Now let's see, I'm gonna tag Marcia, Jovi, Stacie, Melany and Kat!

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Marcia said...

I have passed it on!!