Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Am I late to the party?

I always seem to be behind the latest trends. Always. As a 30ish woman with 2 kids (one of whom is 18!) I guess I can't be expected to be trendy.

But I am just now getting into Twilight!

Hee.. I'm just starting the 3rd Chapter, but it's a fast read. My Book club reading books, got a bit boring, so I'm reading something much more fun now. Never ever have I read a vampire book.. Oh I've heard of them, I had a dear friend who was enthralled with them for a LONG time.. Oh D???!!! Where are you???!!

Since the DVD is coming out on the 21st, I hope to be done by then. I initially bought the book for my 14 year old niece. She just finished reading it. We went to Blockbuster and she saw the poster for Twilight up. She said "OMIG-D! Edward is soo hot!" I said "Um, the guy on the poster is ugly, so you must be talking about the character, right?" "Right" She said. Good.

I promised her we would have a Twilight viewing party when the DVD comes out. Full of pizza and popcorn. Don't know how well that will work with my 5 year old running around.. Hmmm..


Stacie said...

GOOD LUCK. I haven't read it yet...

Tamara said...

LOL I bought book one for the gift exchange at Christmas, figuring I would borrow it from whomever received it. It is a quick read, and requires a trip to Amazon to get the rest of the series so you can be done with it, already ;)