Monday, April 6, 2009


So this weekend I sat and watched 6 episodes of the FINAL season of ER.

I've watched this show since the beginning. Always loved Noah Wyle. Something about him. And seeing him in the last episodes made me all giddy.

I thought I would cry more. The moment I started busting out tears was when I realized Rachel (Dr. Greene's daughter) was doing the interviews.. omigod! Those last 5-10 mins of the last eppie. Just gave me chills all over. I know it's fictional, but still I want to know what happens with Archie and Claudia, does Rachel work at County? What about Neela and Ray! omigod! That made me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! And what about Sam and Gates??!! I have to admit, I'm gonna miss seeing Mr. John Stamos on TV for a while, he is soo hot!

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