Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I am way behind on my soap watching. I have over a week of GH dvr'ed.. To many things going on. Doing scrapping for a contest on a message board I frequent called Scrap Idol.. Just like the show, someone gets kicked off every week..and I'm in the top 2 right now!!! Yay me, but seriously has kicked my butt, then I was all consumed with Twilight. I was SUPPOSED to be reading a book from my book club "The brief and wondrous life of Oscar Wao." However right about this time was when I finished Twilight... So decisions, decisions.. Second book, New Moon or Oscar Wao??? Well I tried, I really tried to do my duty and read Oscar Wao, it's a good Pulitzer winning book. It started out good, but Jacob and Edward wouldn't leave my mind, so I gave up..

To make a long story short (too late!) my soap watching has been hindered. Then I discovered, that after about 8-10 shows, it started deleting them!! Why?? I don't get it, have plenty of room in there. So I started watching.

To tell you the truth it's a little boring, but boy some couples have really put the soap back in soap opera.. Baby that's what I'm talking about. Shirts coming off, kissing, love making, ahhhh.. If only Jason (not Sonny!) was the one lovemaking I could maybe watch more than one episode a day to catch up.. Jax doesn't hurt the eyes either, but this is soap operas, this is what it should be about. I actually turn away because I am feeling a little voyeuristic when I am watching them go at it, but that's what it's about, right??!

Anyway, GH needs to do some serious revamping! It's taking up too much room in my DVR, and I have given up DVR other shows to make room for GH.. Make it worth it damn it! I'm loving Spinelli and Maxie, Robin's PPD and well that's about it.. So c'mon GH step it up! I


creative-type dad said...

Wow, I didn't realize Soaps were so risqué these days!
The moment they start playing 70's c'hicka-wa-wa' music and wear gold chains, then maybe I'll watch.

Lori said...

I was so mad at my DVR the other day - it didn't tape GH. But I was able to watch it online. I'm actually liking all the storylines now, I think. But just bring Michael back KNOW it's coming!

But yah, more than once lately, I've had to pause GH b/c the kids walk into the room and it's just not something they should be seeing!!! I try to watch after bedtime, but can't always wait that long.