Tuesday, August 21, 2007


If you don't know what that means, you are not a true GH fan! I've been watching GH since I was in 5th grade. Don't know why I started watching. I was a very mature 5th grader. I watched mostly during the summer when I was in Jr. High and High School, so I missed alot stories. Then when I was a junior I was only going to school till noon, so my addiction started again. Off in College I would literally schedule my classes so I could go to the rec aread and watch at least half an hour between classes. Then I started working :P :blech: I stopped watching for a couple of years, then all of a sudden I figured out how to program record on my VHS, so I started taping them. I remember one of the first episodes I saw taped was the whole introducing Ricky Martin (which waws very exciting!) character, while at the same the whole BJ/Maxie thing was going on. I've never cried so much in my entire life. Never. I was just a wreck, I mean even talking about it brings tears to my eyes. I will never forget that storyline. It was sooo well done. K. Well back to my story. Then shortly after I stopped watching for a couple more years. Then Soapnet was added to my cable about 4 years ago. It's been an affair ever since.

I never watched when Jason and Liz where together the first around. I mean I remember it, but not exactly. But for a couple of years, I could feel the sparks again with this couple. So what is all this leading up to??

After yesterday's show they showed a clip of what's coming, and it was a kiss. omigod-omigod-omigod. PLUS, on GHH2 they were talking about Jason declaring his love to Liz and a good ol' smackaroo. Apparently the promo is on youtube somewhere, but I can't see youtube from work. SOO if anyone can find it, not on youtube, but some other video things, please link me up. I'd like, no love, no die to see it.

This week GH totally trumps BB8. BB8 was getting exciting, but Danielle had to make a stupid move. I'm bummed about the whole thing. Enough that I haven't even read the spoilers today.

You know what another bummer is? I have to totally re-enter all my DVR recordings. This totally sucks! I can't remember everything I had on my DVR, plus this new box, isn't set up the same. It's hard to get used to.

Mateo is being extra clingy and crying more than usual. This morning it took all that I could to get him to school. Usually Mateo has to climb in the car through my seat and get in the back, sit in his seat (because we park in a carport, and there are brick steps, I can't open the back door) I pull out the car a bit and tie him down in his car seat. OMG... He had a fit, he wanted to tie him in right then and there, I could not reach, I couldn't open the door. I told him wait a minute so I could pull out the car, not even to the street, just so I can get the back door to open so I can tie him up. He had an absolute fit. I felt like screaming..... I probably did a little bit, because I was really frustrated, then that made him cry even more. Today wwas not a good morning. He cried when I left him at daycare too. Ughh.. To top it off, I don't have a stitch of makeup on today. I just didn't have time. Seriously, I can't do this on my own. My husband got home late, took a shower and fell asleep, then got up early and left. Meanwhile, I have to get myself up, get Mateo ready, take him to school, rush to work, get there late, hurry home to pick him up from daycare. Cook dinner and whatever else there is left to do at home. Meanwhile he gets home late after dinner is cooked, eats, takes a shower and goes to sleep. Do you know what time my kid goes to sleep???!! He doesn't go to sleep early. I even dim or turn off the lights and he just lays there and talks and wants to play. It's freaking 11 p.m., so by the time he is asleep, I have to settle down and go to sleep, and by that time it's usually past 12. THEN DH has to the nerve to get mad cause I didn't wake him up so we could have sex. Gimme a break!

Phew. That felt good. :D


Stacie said...

SHAME ON YOU get over to the spoilers it has been an interesting day :D

Lori said...

I'm a couple days behind on GH...but I finally saw the kiss today...I want to be ELIZABETH! :) And can I tell you, I HATE Sam! She is EVIL.