Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Siam Buong

It's been a long time since I've had my favorite Thai food. I had a little bit of Chicken Panang and some beef salad. Not so spicy, because I am not a good Mexican. I can't handle anything hot. My husband had some Tom Yun Koog or something or other, basically a hot & spicy soup with lemongrass and shrimp. MMM, it's yummy.

I also just came back from visiting my niece at the hospital. I lover her so much. It hurts me to see her in pain. I pray that she gets better soon, so she can go be with her dear baby.

Nothing much going on tonight, my husband and teen are watching Ghost hunters or something, and I'm eating dinner by the computer. Mateo is completely knocked out. Woo-hoo, and it's barely 9! He's been asleep for a couple of hours. That just never happens. Thank G-d for DVR, I can't praise it enough. I'll go to bed and watch SYTYCD later tonight. I'm too tired to watch GH today.

So who thinks America's player on BB8 completely sucks ass!!! What is wrong with him. If you haven't read the spoilers, Stop Here!

So yeah, whoever flew that banner really killed Eric's game. BUT, the votes were screwy, and I really hated that other people, good people :cough: nick :cough: got blamed for it. That was gonna come and bite him in the ass sooner or later. I think that's where America's Vote got screwed up. Things change on a daily basis, heck an hourly basis in the house, how were WE (not that I vote for any of it) supposed to know, the whole house changed their mind?? HOWEVER, all the evil things Eric has said has helped him bury his own hole even deeper. I hope he is voted out, and in HIS goodbye message "SUPRISE"!!!

Why do I feel so guilty watching this show. It's my guilty pleasure.

So I am also scanning ALOT of Mateo's art work for his Art Memory Book. It's gonna be so cool! I can't wait till it's done.



Stacie said...

buahahah, have you read today's spoilers...I think tonight be a surprise, but not in the way you expressed. IF he (eric) stays it will be a great moment in game play. He needs to keep his mouth shut just a little...I can't wait for tonight. it, last night's show...AMAZING. I really don't care who wins they are all so good!!!

Jovi said...

mmmm, thai!!!