Friday, August 3, 2007


Does it ever feel like life is just like uploading? You wait and wait and wait...

So huge shocker, Nick was evicted. :( Dominic and Sarah left SYTYCD :( Some of my favorite people. Personally I think Lauren and Pasha should have gone. But I didn't vote so I can't cry.

On GH, Liz admitted she slept Jason last year, 9 months before she had Jake. ummmmm, get a clue Lucky. Sam is out for vengenance.

Today I stayed home. My throat has been killing me for a bout a week. I'v been sick with a summer cold/cough/allergies, for about 2 weeks now. When I looked at the back of my throat there is a white bump on my right side. I sat in the doctor's office for 3 hours. They received my lab results from my last blood draw. Everything was okay, except my A1c was 8.5.. Ouch not good. When I was pregnant it was 5.4. The doctor grilled me about my diet, said I was too fat, and I needed to go on a diet. Not in those literal words, but basically. I am going to a dietitian to see if that helps. I mean I really already know what to do, it's just putting the principle to work. It's hard.
Here are my butterflies and flower. I swear it's magical to come home and see them flying around my house.


Purple Passionfruit Flower


Rest of vine, yes that is a cactus, and it's climbing on it. It's California after all.
There is also a bee on the flower way on the right. You can barely see it.


Stacie said...

no pictures :*(

Andrea said...

You still can't see them?