Monday, August 6, 2007

Manic Monday

Another not so clever title. Hey, I'm new at this.

You know when you have something pictured in your mind, and it goes horribly wrong?

Well, I scrapped, and had some genius ideas swirling through this brain of mine, but you see, it all went horribly wrong. I am not terribly disappointed in the outcome, but I'm not completely happy. It's not exactly what I had in mind either. Without further ado (is that how it's spelled -- I wish blogger had spell check - oh! it does you say)

Today soccer practice went horribly wrong as well. I'm sure I left the coach and other coaches scratching their head. Mateo is more interested in scratching the dirt with a stick then running drills. Mind you they are FUN drills. I mean who doesn't like kicking a freakin' ball?? Really??

So we are doing running around cones. Run fast, run backwards, next, run side to side. Well, it's his turn, he digs his heels and says NO! I say fine, if you don't do it, we are leaving and we will not play on the slides. OKAY! I wanna go home... OMIGOD! So I get his hand and say C'mon then, we are leaving. There, right in the middle of practice. I walked away and didn't even look back. Ugh... Is this what I get 1/2 hour early to work for??

Hopefully come Wednesday he will have better thoughts.

Night y'all. Today is the season finale of Hell's Kitchen. In my opinion none of these chef's have what it takes. Who can't fry an egg. But I would like to see what kind of kitchen they each build.


Stacie said...

NOT the season why would they let us get to the end in ONE show? ugh.

That is pretty typical of Mateo's soccer practise really...hang in there.

Sammy is doing much better with t-ball than he did with soccer so maybe soccer won't be M's thing.

I love your scrapbook pages, I think they look great, even if they aren't what you had imagined.

Kelci said...

I think your layouts look great (as usual, of course)!

And Mateo deciding to leave practice totally sounds like something Bella would do. I'm slowly learning not to make threats like, "We're gonna leave if you don't start behaving" unless I'm truly prepared to back them up. I once told her that she couldn't have cake at a birthday party we were going to later in the day if she didn't finish all of her lunch. No way could I follow through on that one when all of the other kiddos were chowing down on cake.