Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I wouldn't say I'm an artist. But somehow music really turns something on for me. In my family I am considered strange or weird simply for my choice of music. While I love the thump and bump and rhytmic beats of R&B & Hip-hop or even pop. There is something more I crave in my music. Something poetic, somethimg that grabs at my soul. And when I hear it, it could be Pop, alternative, even rock, but it gets me. It's the kind of music that makes you want to pee, cry, sing out loud or just close your eyes and think. I always get it at the pit of my stomach. It's like purple. Like swirls coming in and out of my head, like leaves falling, like baby kisses on your eyes, like the soft giggle and smile of a newborn. Like nothing you can taste, but something you crave. Something familiar but not known.

I can't even always say it's the lyrics, because sometimes they are so generic, but sometimes, you find that lyric and beat that gets you. It could be one word, which may really mean nothing, but to your self. Goose bumps on my skin, chills down my back. That's the music that I want. But only certain times. Because girl, I could bump it with whatever music and just listen for enjoyment. But when I listen with my heart and soul, it evokes these feeling that start stirring in me. And I know exactly what songs get me that way. All I want to do is go home and create. Scrapbook.

That's why I love scrapbooking. I'm enthralled. I love the feelings it gives me. Especially today. I came across one of my favorite bands Plumb I was in the mood to be moved today. I look up their site and see their newest album just dropped. And they have the song on her website "In your Arms" Oh G-d! It just got me started. Then I started thinking about my music in general. It touched me. And yes I can listen to it over and over and over again. Like 30 times today.

Ah okay. I'll be listening to my playlist while I work today. Who knows tomorrow I may be in the mood for some happy music, and my playlist will change, but for now I am moody, in love and amazed.


Stacie said...

MEEEE TOOO. I have moods and different kinds of music that appeals to me during those moods. One day you will hear acoustic music the next might be rock. I love music and the emotions it can evoke in me.

So yeah, I get ya.

Jovi said...

yep! and is it just me, or is plumb all kinds of shades of the cranberries??