Saturday, November 17, 2007

Booty-full Princess

You know boys are sometimes the sweetest things.

My little one, Mateo is one of those sweet little boys. He was playing make believe or something after we read a book. Then he said

"I'm a Queen, ya-da!" giving a ninja chuck.
His dad gave him a look and said "WHAT??!"
He said "I'm kidding, daddy, I'm a boy"
Then I hugged him and told him "Baby you can be whatever you want, you are my prince!"
After a long hug, staring at my face and stroking my hair he said

"Mommy, you are my booty-full princess!"



Stacie said...

awe, what a sweetheart.

Jovi said...

awwwww. remember that for when he's 17!