Monday, December 17, 2007

Yo Yo, It's Monday.

You know what, I'm a party pooper. Friday was my firm's Christmas party. You'd think with the awesome bonus and even awesomer pay raise I got, i'd be in the mood to party. But I'm a party pooper. Now a regretful party pooper. I'm hearing all over the office what a great time everyone had. Next year, right? It's just well, it was on Friday, and traffic is terrible, It was freezing, I had no extra moola to buy a dress or accessories, I had no sitter, my SIL was at Disneyland and my mom was working. Plus my hunny is not a go-to-parties kinda guy.. I've taken my SIL along, but she had her other obligations. Blah. Ah well...

Speaking of my bonus and pay raise. I'm really super excited. I'm happy. The last couple of years, not so much. Not that I expected more, because anything extra is just that, extra, and not that I even expect to get anything. But I always felt like my hard work was not recognized. I'm excited because at least to me, it feels like I'm appreciated, you know? I got a 15% raise, which is huge, cause other years it's been less and my bonus, was, well alot more than last year. It feels good to feel loved. AND can I tell you how my firm totally rocks!!

Enough about work, which I really shouldn't even be talking about.. so... Guess what?? I saw Juno this weekend. OMIG-D!!! I loved it so much! It was hysterical and made me cry, it's this years Lil Miss Sunshine, but funnier.

AND, guess what else. I finished my shopping. Well mostly, I have to go to the mall down here in LA to get my mom one last thing.

Time to review One Hundred Years of Solitude:

Phew, I finished it! I didn't think I would. It's an awfully dense book. There is alot that is going on... The ending made me sit there and go... hmmm, I get it!

First off, the writing was grating my nerves. Like "That faithful day Colonel Aureliano Buendia went before the firing squad. When he was younger, etc..."

BUT reading the ending, I was very moved by the whole magical realism of it all. The fact that Melquiades was truly the narrator and had prothesized the beginning, middle and end of this family's curse and whole nation basically, just gives me the goosebumps. I think I might have to go back and reread it. It has alot of Biblical references. There is really so much to absorb and think about.

My favorite character was Ursula. She is present in 89% of the book. The book spans 6 generations. She has a line somewhere in the book where she wants to name the children different from their forebearers, to break the curse and repetition of further inidividuals, and they do not listen to the senile old lady. Thus, the curse of repetition carries on from generation to generation.

All in all I'd have to give it an A-. Only because it was a difficult book to get through. If I wasn't in this book club (and it wasn't my pick) I might not had finished it, but I am glad I did.


Stacie said...

hey sweetie...yay on your raise, that is AWESOME! Too bad you couldn't make it to the party, that is a bummer...but the extra money is more than enough to make your holiday blissful. :D

Love ya!

Jovi said...

wow, awesome raise!! next year you can fly me out and i'll go to the party with you ;) lmao

cool on the book. i dig magical realism, but yeah, garcia-marquez can be pretty long winded! biblical references rock my world, of course ;)

deb wilkinson said...

It's about time you got a raise like that sweetie! You work harder than anyone I know so Congratulations. Enjoy. And you are loved so much!