Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Got gifts?

I'm practically done doing my holiday shopping. Unheard of this early in the game. But it could be I'm scaling down my shopping list dramatically this year also. Sad, but needs to be done. I can't continue to kill myself like this. It's been a rough year.

Anyhoo, my friend Dre over at BlueGecko Candles is having a fabulous sale on her site!! You can get up to 6 free tarts!! I'm telling you, they are the best things you have ever sniffed!! They fill your home.. I bought a bunch of stuff for gifts, so if you are in need of any more gifts, I highly recommend tart warmers, tarts, candles, shoot anything in her store is just marvelous.

I think I'm gonna go over and get a couple more things. And who doesn't love a great smelling home over the holidays?? Try the seasonal scents. TO. DIE. FOR.

If you head on over there, let her know I sent you. :D